God Dreams Bigger


I have this vision of me as a little, tiny child holding my dream in both hands, like a broken balloon, showing it to God, seated in front of me. God wants to lift it out of my hands blow it up and watch it take flight- but I can’t let go of it.

For years I went through life bitter, thinking the common phrase “Give it to God” translated into trading in this beautiful, shining jewel of a dream for a plastic, standard issue “be a good girl, do without, help others and deny yourself” view of what I thought God had planned for me.


I got it all wrong.


God created me. The dreams I have, the true honest dreams, stem from my very soul. They stem from who I was created to be.  So my dreams come from that place, deep inside, where God and I began my life together.  By letting go of my picture of things, I’m only letting go of the small vision I have of that dream. What I’ve learned is that

God dreams bigger.

God crafted each of us, taking joy in the very existence of us. God connected that skill, this talent, and that quirky part to form the beginning seed of the people we are still becoming.  We decide which parts to claim, which parts to hide, and which parts of who we are to deny altogether.  But all those parts are still there.

God wants to use ALL of who we are, the dreams, the quirks, the gifts we hide; to inflate the empty balloons of our dreams and lift us beyond what we even thought possible.

But it won’t look exactly like we thought. Think about it; through a telescope we only get a picture of a tiny part of the moon. We have no idea of its size, and beauty, no idea of what is really possible.

God did not create us to pass tests, or do without. God created us out of joy, and wants to connect with us, in amazing and tremendous ways. What we have to let go of is our small picture of what we think that will look like.

So go on and dream! Visualize yourself living that dream. Then back up and look at what you already possess, even the parts you deny in yourself.

You are an amazing creation of God, and God is still beside you, ready to connect, to dream big dreams with you.


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